Care Planner & CARE Content Strategy

It’s essential to approach all communication with a clear purpose. By aligning your messaging with your core values and authenticity, you can effectively attract an audience that is in line with your business goals. The CARE strategy provides a framework for doing this by encouraging you to be intentional with all of your communication efforts.

By using the CARE strategy, you can ensure that all of your communications, whether they be social posts, emails, text messages or any other medium, are well-rounded and provide value to your audience. By focusing on CONVERSATION, ADVICE, REVENUE, and EXPOSURE, you can create a positive customer experience, generate revenue and increase exposure.


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Create valuable posts within your specific industry using the CARE Content Strategy.

There are 4 types of content you should be using to build your business:

  • Create Conversations to build relationships.
  • Provide Advice to position yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry.
  • Earn Revenue by guiding your audience through an authentic sales process.
  • Gain Exposure to build a strong following of potential customers who need you.


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