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103sq EXPOSURE-STATEMENT: Fresh | SQ – 5 Editable Square Canva Templates

Editable Canva templates created to expand and grow your audience (from our Fresh collection).


with membership




Create valuable posts within your specific industry using these templates plus an optional CARE strategy.

There are 4 types of content you should be using to build your business:

  • Create Conversations to build relationships.
  • Provide Advice to position yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry.
  • Earn Revenue by guiding your audience through an authentic sales process.
  • Gain Exposure to build a strong following of potential customers who need you.

These 4 types Conversation | Advice | Revenue | Exposure = CARE are included with the templates to assist you in creating posts with purpose and results.


Care Content Strategy

Know exactly what to post and when to post it.

The CARE Content Strategy removes overwhelm and guesswork and gives you a clear and easy to follow path to actually making money with social media. Use it to grow your following, increase revenue, and save oodles of time by using a strategic system for creating content. You don’t have to, but this is the bonus for those who don’t quite know that to post on social media. A free blueprint for questions like “What do I post? and “How often do I post?“

Download Details

Download Link to Templates

You will receive an immediate link (and also an email link) to the download. The download link will either be a link directly to a Canva file or a PDF document with all links directly to the CANVA files. 

Customize Your Templates

Our templates have been designed using our own elements which are included as well as curated stock photos which are available directly from Canva. Some stock images are part of Canva free version and some from Canva Pro. You may change them at any time.

CARE Content Strategy

CARE – Four simple letters packed with a ton of power. In today’s social media ecosystem you need to show you CARE about your customer. Posting about random stuff and giving away a bunch of random freebies isn’t going to make bank. Neither is bombarding your customer with a bunch of discounts. You need to make sure you deliver enough value before asking for the sale. How much value do you need to deliver? What should you post about? The CARE Strategy gives you a solid plan and eliminates all the overwhelm. And … if you have a Marketing MAPS membership you get all the content written for you and the content schedule tools to map it all out. 


Yes. Most elements used in the templates have been custom designed by us. Fonts used in the templates are available in the free Canva version. All of the stock photos are links to the Canva stock photo library and some may require a Canva Pro account. If that’s the case, you may swap the stock photos with ones available in the free version of Canva. We recommend Canva as they offer 75+ million premium stock photos in the pro version and hundreds of thousands of free photos in the free version.

You may

  • use the templates for your own personal use, your own business or brand.
  • use templates to create content for social media to promote your own brand/business.
  • modify fonts, images, content for your own brand/business.
  • use templates multiple times on multiple platforms for multiple businesses for which you are the sole owner/partner.

You may not

  • You may not use your templates for clients. Your clients must purchase and register their own templates which you may then use on their behalf.
  • You may not use templates to promote or create any competing product, such as other templates, mugs, prints, t-shirts to sell or freely give away.
  • You may not share, sell, loan or give away templates to a third party for use other than your own business/brand.
  • You may not use templates in any other editable product, or create derivative products for which you create, such as other design templates or websites.

Absolutely! If you have Canva Pro you can take advantage of Canva’s automatic resize option. If you have the free version you can copy all elements and place them in a new design with the new size. You might need to move a few things around but it’s totally doable.

This is an immediate digital download. Once purchased we are not able to provide a refund due to the nature of digital. Please reach out to us if there was an error and we will work with you to resolve.

This is NOT an ordinary freebie. It's the beginning of your new idea.

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