People Don’t Buy Services, They Buy Better Version of Themselves

Feature Focused/Benefit Focused
Let’s talk about the art of communication when it comes to your business, specifically focusing on the difference between features and benefits – two terms that are often used interchangeably but are far from similar.
🔎 Understanding the Difference 🔍
Features are the facts about your product or service. They’re what your product is, what it does, its capabilities and attributes.
On the flip side, benefits are the outcomes or results that customers will experience by using your product or service. They’re why a customer should choose your product – how it will make their life better, easier, happier, etc.
Sounds simple enough, right? But let’s bring this to life with an example.
Say you’re a mindset coach. 💭
🚫 The Feature-Focused Approach 🚫
“As a certified mindset coach with 10 years of experience, I offer weekly one-on-one sessions, personalized action plans, and regular progress assessments.”
This is a feature-based statement. It talks about what you provide but not why it matters.
✅ The Benefit-Focused Approach ✅
“Ready to unleash your full potential and live a happier, more fulfilling life? As your mindset coach, I’ll empower you to overcome limiting beliefs, establish success-oriented habits, and confidently navigate life’s challenges. Through our weekly one-on-one sessions, we’ll create a personalized action plan that will bring you closer to your dreams, one step at a time.”
This is a benefit-based statement. It puts the potential customer at the center and focuses on the transformative change they’ll experience.
💡 The Takeaway 💡
People don’t buy services, they buy better versions of themselves. When communicating about your business, think about how you can shift the narrative from the features of your service to the benefits it provides.
Good luck, and happy communicating! 🗣️

To your success!

Gosia Margie Witko
Creator of Experts Method & Marketing Maps

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