Don’t take away your own power

Know what takes away your power?

You not making decisions. 💣

You will never have 100% of the information that you need in order to make a decision. 💣

Manage that risk by either reducing or eliminating. 💣 -and sometimes -you might be best to accept the negative results of a decision if it happens and chalk it up to learning. That’s why you need to mitigate that risk.

Failure is -an opportunity to learn and do it different or not do it again.

[Will it get me results?]

If you’re asking this, you’re not ready for it. That’s the simple answer. 💣 The root cause however is deeper and you should consider whether you might not believe in yourself enough —yet.

If you believed in yourself you would instead be asking how quickly someone can collapse time so you can focus on getting results and -implementing for those results right away.

The results are your responsibility.

You can get [any] result if you put an action plan towards your goal -and -perseverance will get you there -that’s a universal truth. 💣

[Is this right for me?]

Totally giving away you power here.

Only you know if this is right of you.

If you don’t, you need to get help connecting with yourself, your intuition, your inner power and resources that you may not even realize that you posses.

Or, perhaps you really don’t believe in yourself yet. Start there because how do you expect anyone helping you to believe in you -unless you give them the seed so they can grow the tree.

The seed is you believing it. That’s how you manifest.

To your success!

Gosia Margie Witko
Founder, Experts Growth Hub
Creator of the Marketing Maps Framework

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