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Coaching helps individuals discover their own solutions to problems and attain their goals, while consulting provides them with a specific plan to implement those ideas. Entrepreneurs require a combination of both, however, that's hard to find, in either coaching or consulting services. Most providers specialize in one or the other. The most rapid progress is achieved by utilizing a balance of coaching and consulting. That's why we at Experts Growth Hub offer a combination of both, making it our brand promise to provide the perfect balance for our clients' success.

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Success doesn’t happen by chance; it’s the result of intentional planning and focused action. I’ve distilled my years of experience and expertise into a powerful program that empowers solopreneurs and small service-based businesses to thrive. Together, let’s map out your path to success and unlock the true potential of your business.” – Gosia Margie Witko, Founder Experts Growth Hub

As the founder of Experts Growth Hub, and a dynamic force in the services sector, Gosia Margie Witko has revolutionized the way coaches, consultants, course creators, digital marketers, and service businesses approach their business with the first service based business model canvas in the market called Marketing Maps.

With her expertise and innovative thinking, she is a known figure in the industry, for her ability to generate a flood of new leads and drive remarkable sales results. She has developed game-changing frameworks, including the groundbreaking Marketing Maps 0-6 Figure Framework, that have propelled countless service based businesses to new heights of growth and scalability.

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